Pipe fixing system and collar

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Pipe fixing system and collar

The new passive fire protection system
Valsir Collarwings is the new range of fire stop collars produced in compliance with the most recent standards and suitable for installation on plastic waste and drainage pipes. The Collarwings fire stop collars are made of steel and painted with polyester powder fitted with special intumescent inserts which, in the event of fire, expand and squeeze the pipe thus preventing the passage of flames, combustion gas and vapours and acting as a thermal insulation.
The collars can be installed either in a vertical wall or in the slab and they have a fire resistance class of EI240 in compliance with European Standard EN 1366-3.

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Further details
Reliable Protection
The resistance and insulation of at least 240 minutes (4 hours) are guaranteed by the presence of special metal elements (reinforcing flaps) that increase the effectiveness of the two types of intumescence which, when combined, provide high expansion reactivity and high mechanical resistance over time.
The latch mechanism and wide base plate with holes guarantee simple positioning and quick

Resistance class EI240
Resistance class EI240 in compliance with standard EN 1366-3, the equivalent of a resistance to fire and combustion gas and a thermal insulation of at least 4 hours.

Flexible installation
Can be installed in a vertical wall and in the ceiling.

Wide range of diameters
Range of diameters from 32 mm up to 160 mm.

Can be used on ventilated and non ventilated waste pipes and on rainwater drainage pipes

Suitable for a wide range
Suitable for a wide range of pipes (PP, HDPE, ABS, SAN+PVC, PVC-C, PVC-U) and soundproof systems (Triplus®, Silere®).
Quick installation
Simple and quick installation thanks to the latch mechanisms and pre drilled base plate.

Simplified mounting
Can also be fitted to existing pipelines.

Tested in compliance with EN 1366-3
Tested in compliance with EN 1366-3 on a standard wall in cellular concrete (reports CSI1917FR and CSI1862FR) and in reinforced concrete slab (report CSI1915FR).
Operating principle
In the event of fire the intumescent material contained in the collar expands forming a “plug” thus cutting off the fire and preventing gas and fumes from spreading.
The special closure elements (reinforcing flaps) increase reactivity and efficiency of the system by completely squeezing the plastic pipe during the melting phase.
Phase 1
During the first phase of the fire the plastic pipe melts and the intumescent inserts expand. The first is more reactive and acts immediately, the second, which expands at a higher temperature results in a high performance over time.
Phase 2
During the next few minutes the intumescent elements of the collar occupy the entire section left free by the plastic pipe that is in the process of melting. The intumescent inserts expand and act on the closure elements (reinforcing flaps) bringing them to the position of exposure to the fire.
Phase 3
The intumescent inserts shut off the hole entirely in a sufficient period of time so that the fire does not spread to other areas.
During this phase the closure elements (reinforcing flaps) are completely oriented and, as well as acting as a “container” for the expanded intumescent material, create another metal barrier against the fire.
The innovative design methods and attentive research activity have enabled the Collarwings collars to reach the EI240 classification,
both in wall, installations and in the slabs for different types of pipes and with a range of sizes from Ø 32 mm to Ø 160 mm.
Test results
The Collarwings collars were tested in the U/U (Open/Open) arrangement, that is with the pipes open both on the side exposed to the fire and the side not exposed to the fire.
This is the most demanding layout and if passed allows the collars to be used in all applications as provided for in standard 1366-3.
Valsir Collarwings can therefore be fitted on to a wide range of pipes of different diameters and types of plastic material, making it an extremely versatile and high performing product.
Collarwings can be installed on the following range of pipes:
The European standards EN 1363-1 and EN 1366-3 defines the standard test criteria applicable to fire collars and introduce requirements that must be met in order to ensure the proper functioning of the passive safety system.
The UNI EN 1366-6 observes that it is of primary importance in addition to the configuration of the collar also the fire classification of the pipe and its scope (ventilated and non- ventilated waste pipes and rain water drainage pipes etc.) in addition to the type of wall and its orientation (rigid wall, flexible wall, slab).
The Collarwings collars are produced in 13 different diameters and they are featured by intumescent inserts having thicknesses that meet the constraints imposed by current legislation and ensure the performance achieved thanks to a severe test campaign.
Always refer to the scope of direct application reported in the classification report freely downloadable from the website or ask to technical support.

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