Pipe for domestic gas network

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Vestone, Italy
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Pipe for domestic gas network

The widest range for the distribution of combustible gas.
Pexal Gas® is the result of the years of experience gained by Valsir in the production of multilayer systems for combustible gas in residential buildings: the international certifications obtained over recent years for Pexal Gas® in Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Ukraine are proof of the reliability and quality of the system.

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Further details
The advantages of the multilayer system
Resistance to corrosion
The total resistance to corrosion, to construction materials and to the principal chemical compounds allows it to be used in the most varied applications.

Excellent flexibility
Connection between the crosslinked polyethylene and aluminium guarantees excellent flexibility during bending (also manual) and structure permanence in the long term.

Excellent sound absorption
The elasticity of the crosslinked polyethylene means vibrations are absorbed which therefore guarantees excellent sound absorption.

Reduced pressure losses
The extreme smoothness of the internal surface ensures reduced pressure losses

Service life of at least 50 years
The system has a service life of at least 50 years that is guaranteed by product standards.

Complete range
The range of fittings, accessories and relative tools is particularly wide and allows all requirements to be satisfied.

barrier to the passage of oxygen
The layer of butt-welded aluminium acts as an absolute barrier to the passage of oxygen, gas and light.

Wide range
Wide range of pipes from De 16 mm to De 75 mm.

Lower thermal expansion
Thermal expansion is about 8 times lower than that of plastic pipes and is similar to that of metal pipes.

Ideal solution in areas subject to earthquakes
It is also the ideal solution in areas subject to earthquakes thanks to the excellent mechanical properties such as flexibility and capacity to dampen vibrations.

Light in weight
The pipes are extremely light as compared with metal pipes, the weight is 1/3 in comparison with the weight of a copper pipe and is 1/10 of the weight of a steel pipe.

The Valsir Pexal Gas® system is produced with materials that are completely recyclable which can be recovered at the end of their service life. The production processes employed are energy efficient and of reduced impact. Valsir has adopted the Green Building principles in terms of environmental protection and conservation of resources.
The widest range on the market
The range is composed of pipes in straight 5 m lengths in diameters from 16 to 75 mm, in 100 m coils up to diameter 32 mm and in 50 m coils with a corrugated covering that is flame retardant and anti UV as far as diameter 26 mm.
The system is made complete with a wide range of “multipress” fittings (U, C, TH, H, F, VAL) and a series of useful accessories for the creation of systems such as derivation manifolds, interception valves, in-wall and for meters and boxes for housing fittings.
The Valsir press fittings in brass are called “multipress” in that they adapt to the different pressing profiles that are most widely used on the market.
This prerogative represents an exceptional advantage: plumbers can use the revolutionary multipress Pexal Gas® fittings produced by Valsir regardless of the type of equipment in their possession.
Easy and safe connection
Connections of the Valsir Pexal Gas® system are performed easily and safely with a few simple operations.
The Pexal Gas® fittings are differentiated from the fittings for transporting water in that they carry the inscription “Gas” on the sleeve and the o-rings are yellow in colour, specifically for this type of installation.
The Pexal Gas® fittings guarantee immediate leakage in the event of incorrect pressing; therefore, in the event of poor pressing, the error can be immediately identified, guaranteeing an easy and safe installation
The stainless steel sleeves have four holes on the end that allow the plumber to verify that the pipe has been fully inserted.
A special seal in teflon on the end of the fitting prevents contact between the brass and aluminium of the pipe, thus avoiding galvanic corrosion.

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