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Push-fit waste and drainage system

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Vestone, Italy
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Push-fit waste and drainage system

Valsir PP3®, the latest technology in push-fit systems
Valsir PP3® is a waste system made up of pipes, fittings and accessories for the construction of waste and rainwater drainage systems. Valsir PP3® is an extremely light system and thanks to the push-fit socket with hydraulic seal it represents the most simple solution for the construction of waste and drainage systems.
Valsir PP3® is manufactured to European Standard EN 1451 and can be used for waste systems at low and high temperatures, ventilation systems for waste networks and for rainwater drainage systems inside buildings for civil and industrial use, hospitals and hotels.
The wide range of pipes, fittings and accessories allow the entire waste network to be made, from the branches to sanitary appliances to the stacks and waste manifolds.

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Further details
Light weight, simplicity and reliability
Smooth internal surface, white in colour
To facilitate video inspection operations.

High impact resistance temperatures below 0°C
High impact resistance at extremely harsh temperatures below 0°C.

from DN 32 mm to DN 160 mm
Wide range of diameters from DN 32 mm to DN 160 mm characterised by triple layer pipes and single layer fittings.

Corrosion resistance
Corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Chemical resistance
High chemical resistance to the substancesdissolved in civil and industrial waste waters

Wide range of transition fittings for connection toother waste systems such as cast iron, PE, PP, PVC.

The product, its recyclability and the production processes used are based on Green Building principles, in respect for the environment and for the conservation of resources
A complete range for all requirements
The latest technology in push-fit systems.
Wide range of diameters from DN 32 mm to DN 160 mm.
The range is composed of pipe lengths from 150 mm to 3 m with one socket, two sockets or smooth pipes without sockets. It features a wide choice of fittings and accessories that allow the most diverse system configurations to be constructed.
Diameters range from the smallest such as 32, 40 and 50 mm for the installation of branches on each floor to larger diameters such as 160 mm for the waste manifolds.
The range is made complete with accessories for connection to other Valsir waste systems, accessories for connection to sanitary appliances and anchor brackets.
Significant acoustic performance.
When a waste system is in use, noises are generated inside the pipelines causing it to vibrate from the fall of the liquid being discharged
Most of the noise generated spreads inside the pipe but the vibrations that are generated are transmitted from the walls of the pipe to the surrounding area and to the bracketing systems and consequently to the building structure.
To minimize noise levels in waste and drainage systems, not only should the system be properly designed and the waste circuit be mounted correctly, but it is also important to choose a system with an elevated soundproofing performance.
PP/PP3® allows waste systems to be installed that guarantee excellent soundproofing performance, with 2 l/s (typical toilet flush) noise emissions of 17 dB(A) were measured.
Waste systems with excellent acoustic performances
17 dB(A) rumour levels with a 2 l/s WC flow rate.
Push-fit joint: rapid and easy installation.
Valsir PP3® ensures a practical and rapid installation without the use of glues or special tools thanks to the jointing system with push-fit sockets.
The particular shape of the seal and the housing of the push-fit joint guarantee hydraulic tightness and allow the normal movements of the pipe including those caused by thermal expansion.
A system that is suitable for temperature fluctuations
the thermal expansion of Valsir PP3® is extremely low compared to the most common plastic materials, a 3000 mm pipe will expand in length by just 13 mm when the waste liquid flows at a continuous temperature of 60°C.
It is thanks to this low coefficient of thermal expansion that the push-fit joints are capable of absorbing the variations in length of the pipe without taking any particular precautionary measures; it is enough to follow the installation instructions in the Valsir technical manuals.
The bi-joint sleeve to reduce wastage to a minimum
To allow the use of leftover pieces of pipe, Valsir supplies a bi-joint sleeve. This is a special fitting that allows two pipes without sockets to be connected guaranteeing hydraulic tightness without compromising flow rates.
Accessories for all installation requirements.
Surface mounting of pipes requires the use of suitable brackets that must withstand the weight of the pipe, the weight of the waste water and the forces that are generated by expansion and contraction. In relation to the type of bracketing chosen, the so-called guide points and fixed points (or anchor points of the pipeline) must be provided. In all cases, if the waste system is required to reduce noise then sound reducing brackets with anti-vibration rubber must be used.
If the waste system is constructed using Triplus® or Silere® then the employment of sound insulating pipe brackets is essential.

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