Triple layer soundproof waste and drainage system

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Triple layer soundproof waste and drainage system

Triple layer soundproof waste and drainage system inside the buildings
The market’s increasing attention to waste and drainage systems, in particular to the correct design of systems and to their hydraulic performance, convinced Valsir to create a particularly innovative product line.
The Triplus® pipes are in fact made up of three layers of material, which, when joined, result in a system with extremely good mechanical characteristics, even at low temperatures, and an excellent soundproofing performance.
Triplus® is a push-fit system that includes triple layer pipes, fittings and accessories, industrialized, produced and patented by Valsir, that guarantees the levels of low noise emissions of waste systems required by the regulations, laws and standards in force.
Triplus® is manufactured in compliance with European Standard EN 1451 and can be used for waste and drainage systems at low and high temperatures, ventilation systems for waste and rainwater networks inside buildings for residential and industrial use, hospitals and hotels.
The wide range of pipes, fittings and accessories allows construction of the entire waste network, the branches of the sanitary fixtures, the stacks, waste manifolds, etc.

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Further details
Characteristics of excellence
The intermediate layer is created with a patented polypropylene-based (PP) mix with mineral fillers (MF) such as to provide the Triplus® system with excellent mechanical characteristics at low (impact resistance at temperatures as low as -25°C) and high temperatures (continuous discharge with temperatures as high as 95°C).
The Triplus® waste system can transport waste waters with PH values between 2 and 12, it has a high resistance to the most common chemical compounds and is characterised by an extremely smooth internal surface that prevents the build-up of internal deposits inside the waste network.
Speed and extreme ease of installation
The socket connection, does not require the use of glues or harmful solvents.

Excellent soundproofing performance
Measured in the Fraunhofer laboratories in Stuttgart, in compliance with European Standard EN 14366 equal to 12 dB(A) with a flow rate of 2 l/s (certificate P-BA 227/2006).

High chemical resistance
To substances dissolved in civil and industrial waste waters.

Extremely harsh temperatures
High impact resistance at extremely harsh temperatures (as low as -25°C).

Mechanical resistance.
The pipes are made up of three layers of material joined together to guarantee elevated mechanical resistance.

From DN 32 mm to DN 250 mm
Wide range of diameters from DN 32 mm to DN 250 mm.

The product, its recyclability and the production processes are based on Green Building principles.
An extremely wide range
The range is composed of pipe lengths between 150 mm and 3 m and is characterised by a wide choice of fittings and accessories that allows the construction of the most varied system configurations.
The smaller diameters such as 32, 40 and 50 mm are used for the branch pipe connections on each floor, while the larger diameters such as 250 mm are used for the waste manifolds.
The range is completed with accessories for the connection to other Valsir waste systems and pipe clips, which, when fitted with anti-vibration rubber, allow reduction of the vibrations that are transferred to the installation walls when the waste system is in use.
Wide range of diameters from DN 32 mm to DN 250 mm.
Significant acoustic performance.
When a waste system is in use, noises are generated inside the pipelines causing it to vibrate from the fall of the liquid being discharged
Most of the noise generated spreads inside the pipe but the vibrations that are generated are transmitted from the walls of the pipe to the surrounding area and to the bracketing systems and consequently to the building structure.
To minimize noise levels in waste and drainage systems, not only should the system be properly designed and the waste circuit be mounted correctly, but it is also important to choose a system with an elevated soundproofing performance.
Triplus® allows waste systems to be installed that guarantee excellent soundproofing performance, with 2 l/s (typical toilet flush) noise emissions of 12 dB(A) were measured.
Waste systems with excellent acoustic performances
12 dB(A) rumour levels with a 2 l/s WC flow rate
Push-fit joints, installation ease and rapidity.
Triplus® ensures practical and rapid installations without the use of glues, electrical appliances or special tools, thanks to the push-fit jointing system.
The special geometry of the seal and the push-fit socket guarantee total water tightness and allow the normal movements of the pipeline including those caused by thermal expansion.
The bi-joint sleeve to minimise waste
In order to make use of pipe cut offs that would otherwise be discarded, Valsir supplies the bi-joint sleeve. This is a special fitting that allows plain ended pipes to be connected guaranteeing water tightness without penalising waste flow rates.
Solutions for all requirements.
Valsir is the only company that can supply a triple layer waste system with a Triplus® “ventilation branch”. This is the ideal solution in high-rise buildings with a high simultaneous use factor of the sanitary appliances.
This innovative waste system guarantees excellent ventilation of the stack and branch connections on each floor thus limiting pressure fluctuations within the system.
This system also allows significant advantages in terms of cost savings thanks to the possibility of creating one soil stack (therefore no separate ventilation pipes are required) with one 110 mm diameter with over double the discharge capacities of primary ventilation systems.

The ideal solution for high rise buildings
One soil stack, no separate ventilation pipes required.
Increase in stack load
in comparison with conventional systems.

Reduction in speed
of effluents.

Excellent ventilation
of the stack and branches of each floor.

Up to 6* connections on one branch fitting
allacciate alla stessa braga.

Up to 45** flats
on connected to the same soil stack.

Significant acoustic performance.
Discover more about Triplus® acoustic performance.

* The side connections on the Triplus® ventilation branch are made in the factory according to project specifications.

The number of bathrooms depends on their composition
The same diameter is up to 2.2 more performant
Accessories for all installation requirements.
Surface mounting of pipes requires the use of suitable brackets that must withstand the weight of the pipe, the weight of the waste water and the forces that are generated by expansion and contraction. In relation to the type of bracketing chosen, the so-called guide points and fixed points (or anchor points of the pipeline) must be provided. In all cases, if the waste system is required to reduce noise then sound reducing brackets with anti-vibration rubber must be used.
If the waste system is constructed using Triplus® or Silere® then the employment of sound insulating pipe brackets is essential.

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