Velux Sun Tunnel by Lovegrove

Sun pipe and light pipe

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Colognola Ai Colli, Italy
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Sun Tunnel by Lovegrove


Sun pipe and light pipe


Illuminate your home with natural daylight - in style. Created in partnership with Ross Lovegrove, the internationally acclaimed designer, the VELUX Sun Tunnel by Lovegrove is an extension of the existing VELUX Sun Tunnel. The new add-on designed by Lovegrove acts as a daylight lamp that uses the sun as a bulb, making it a sustainable alternative to electric lighting. It offers previously dark rooms a beautiful natural light reflectance, while allowing the user to adjust the spread of the light. Inspired by the concept of harnessing natural light and bringing its purity and uplifting qualities into the home, Ross Lovegrove has developed a design that he believes creates a "moment of enlightenment in the home" - a contemporary interface between the tunnel of light and the interior design of living spaces. This view would appear to be widely shared, as the VELUX Sun Tunnel by Lovegrove has already been recognised at a number of international design awards - most notably at the prestigious red dot design awards in Germany. It not only won the red dot: product design 2010, but also claimed the coveted red dot: best of the best award. 

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