Veneto Vetro Curved annealed glass

Curved annealed glass

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Veneto Vetro

Montebelluna, Italy
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Curved annealed glass


Curved annealed glass

The glass goes through a gradual heating process to temperatures between 500° and 600°C, where it softens and by force of gravity adheres to a curved mould (concave or convex) placed on the bottom of the oven. Annealed glass can also be stratified.
Curved annealed glass is mainly used in furnishings because very deep curves can be produced (curved tempered glass has limits in the depth of the curve). Curved annealed glass can also be used in construction of course, stratifying it to make it safety glass. Larger sizes can be produced in the curving and annealing plants.
Maximum size in 2200 x 2900 mm

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