Veneto Vetro Curved tempered glass

Tempered curved glass

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Veneto Vetro

Montebelluna, Italy
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Curved tempered glass


Tempered curved glass

Veneto Vetro mainly uses the vertical curving and tempering process, which guarantees a superior optic quality as the glass does not pass over the rollers during the softening phase (the rollers can create small imperfections on the glass). Together with cylindrical curving, using our method special curves can be created on the glass, discontinuous curves (i.e. glass with “double curves”), torsion curves and even slightly spherical panes.
In this process the glass is subjected to a fast heating process where it softens and is then rapidly pressed in the curving mould, formed of a concave and a convex side, which gives the required shape, and is finally rapidly cooled down. Curved tempered glass is classified as safety glass, because when it breaks if forms very small fragments.

Maximum size in 2200 x 2400 mm

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