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Putignano, Italy
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Automatic garage door

The BUTTERFLY garage doors are produced with high-quality aluminium and equipped with modern control systems.
A quiet opening system,with minimum encumbrance,a remarkable aesthetic impact and extraordinary reliability. This is BUTTERFLY, the new Verolux garage door. Perfect for openings up to 4.50 meters furnished with the beautiful patented VEROLUX OBLO' (bull’s eyes).

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Technical specifics
•    Easy to install.
•    Tested for 35,000 opening and closing cycles without suffering the smallest failure.
•    Easy to maintain.
•    Including installation kit also on garages with unusual inclined ceilings.
•    Encumbrances reduced to a minimum also with height up to m. 4.5.
•    Our doors are mounted according to the needs and conditions of the construction site, keeping flexibility and an adapting characteristic to any kind of constraint that the same construction site presents.

•    Our garage doors are designed to make simple the work of each installers, indeed in few movements the product can be assembled and applied.

•    The doors are tailor-made according to your needs and wishes, thanks to a wide availability of colours, materials and a wide range of optional accessories (control, security, emergency systems, etc.).

•    Minimum encumbrance thanks to simple, functional and resistant mechanisms specifically designed and patented.

•    The corrosion-resistant aluminium garage doors have been tested in our laboratories for 35.000 opening and closing cycles (corresponding to less than 24 years considering 4 daily cycles), showing no wear affecting their operation.

•    Both the BUTTERFLY and ELEPHANT doors are equipped with specifically selected motorization that reduces to a minimum the noise emission during operation. Furthermore, the steel or aluminium slats, insulated with foam, ensure a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.

•    The doors are equipped with security systems that allow motor arrest or with anti-lifting accessories or locks.

•    The presence of an obstacle is detected immediately by the common wall-detectors as well as by the new NOTOUCH system applied to the terminal edge that forces the lifting drive even before touching the obstacle.

•    In case of emergency, our garage doors are equipped with emergency standard or optional mechanisms.

•    Our doors have been certified by one of the most important and rigorous CSI Certification Institutes of Bollate (in the Milan province), brilliantly passing wind resistance tests with Class 4 and security tests in case of mechanic parts breakage according to the EN 13241- 1:2003 standard.
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