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15% off until 2nd April. Use the code SPRING15



Glass mosaic

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Campogalliano, Italy
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Glass mosaic

NATURÆ ALBERI - With the project Naturæ, Vetrovivo reconfirm the unique style, the quality and the innovative strength that distinguish all its production. The most interesting particularity is the result of its combination with the resins, which allow the best exploit of the great potentiality of these products, selecting the right quantity according to your own project and expense object. It’s nice also the use of small quantities. The new projected background expresses with absolute aesthetical sensibility the contemporaneous mood with an emotional approach to the nature memory, that is its power point. Versatile, it perfectly fits to the various demands and to the personal tastes by offering a wide range of solutions for limitless uses. Leaves and Flowers: the season’s treasures of Vetrovivo. Vetrovivo full Made in Italy, a real Transparent quality. Vetrovivo seal certifies its authenticity.

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