Round cement side table

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Round cement side table



Back to Nature

Ancient wisdom describes human beings as having five layers of experience: the environment, the physical body, the mind, the intuition and our self or spirit. Our connection with the natural environment is our first level of experience, and one of the most important. If our environment is clean and positive, it has a positive impact on all the other layers of our existence.

As a result, they come into balance and we experience a greater sense of peace and connection within ourselves and with others around us. An intimate relationship with the environment is built into the human psyche.

Historically, nature, mountains, rivers, trees, the sun, the moon have always been honored in ancient cultures. It's only when we start moving away from our connection to nature and ourselves that we begin polluting and destroying the environment. We need to revive these attitudes that foster our connection with nature. Created as a ”natural” for today’s wide range of living environments, the “Back to Nature” Collection is innovative, modern and minimalist; blending clean, crisp lines with subtle detailing.The design philosophy is that of simplification, resulting in clean beautiful forms that accentuate their warm and natural materials.

Geometric, cubic in forms and purged of much metaphor, equality of parts, repetition, neutral surfaces, and industrial materials are the main features for this collection. This group has become a versatile offering, fitting easily into any type

Concrete Mushroom is a round cement side table by Vick Vanlian.

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Back to Nature Collection by Vick Vanlian
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