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15% off until 2nd April. Use the code SPRING15


Vicoustic by ExhiboSQUARE TILE BC

Melamine decorative acoustical panels

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Vicoustic by Exhibo

Vedano Al Lambro, Italy
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Melamine decorative acoustical panels

The Square Tile BC is an adaption of Vicoustic’s Square Tile to the architectural market and has been specifically developed to treat acoustic problems without destroying a room’s ambience, or over-deadening the sound. By combining the Square Tile’s wooden surface with a 2 cm thick acoustic foam, the Square Tile BC is indicated for suspended ceilings. Sound energy crosses through the perforated wooden surface and is absorbed by the foam material underneath. Wood finishing is generally regarded as a noble surface treatment in architectural spaces, critical listening rooms and performance spaces such as concert halls and other venues. Available in two different foams (Vicoustic Foam; Vicoustic Tech Foam) the panel’s elegant design enhances the visual appearance of any room.

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