Vicoustic by Exhibo POLY FUSER QR

Wooden decorative acoustical panel

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Vicoustic by Exhibo

Vedano Al Lambro, Italy
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Wooden decorative acoustical panel



Creating effective and controlled diffusion within a specific frequency range has always been one of the greatest challenges for acousticians. With regard to this, Vicoustic has developed an optimal curve that creates an elliptical diffuser producing effective scattering. Poly Fuser QR is made entirely of wood. A quadratic residue sequence is combined with a curve allowing diffusion pattern in 2 dimensions (effective between 400Hz and 5kHz). When the diffuser is placed in a vertical position, the quadratic residue sequence will effect / determine the diffusion on the horizontal axis. The curve will effect / determine the diffusion on the vertical position. Because Poly Fuser QR is made entirely of wood, greater diffusion effects can be achieved at lower frequencies. Diffusion is an excellent solution for comb filtering problems, response cancellation and slap echo problems. In addition, diffusion gives a sense of spaciousness to music by addressing the issues without over-deadening the acoustics. Designed for hi-fi rooms, venues, houses of worship, conference centres and music rehearsal spaces, or any other space where acoustic treatment may be required.

Poly Collection by Vicoustic by Exhibo
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