Vicoustic by Exhibo VARI PANEL PRO TECH

Wooden decorative acoustical panel

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Vicoustic by Exhibo

Vedano Al Lambro, Italy
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Wooden decorative acoustical panel



The Vari Panel Pro Tech allows you the option of adjusting your room acoustics to create a dry recording environment, a bright ambient space, but without the hassle of storing the wooden panel when not in use. The simple wall suspention system allows the panel to be simply turned and quickly attached to the wall. The Vari Panel Pro Tech combines two different acoustic performances in one panel: on one side a reflective wooden surface with specially designed cavities that effectively controls the rooms energy for a mid and high frequency range, by avoiding flutter echoes produced by parallel walls and “boxy” environments; and on the other side a high absorbent foam with a colored fabric cover, also with specially designed cavities that increases the absorbent behavior of the material for mid and high frequencies. This panel is designed to change the acoustics of a room, making it more or less bright by adjusting the RT in the mid and high frequency range, Based on the same ARCS research model as Wave Wood, the Vari Panel Pro’s innovative design is currently the best, affordable solution in the variable acoustics market. This Tech version was made to achieve a better fire rating performance in order to be a B&C competitive product.

Vari Panel Collection by Vicoustic by Exhibo
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