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Viega Italia

Crespellano, Italy
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Flush plate

Characteristics from architecture and the modem design would are unmistakable. Alongside the look, the technology is also impressive, with extremely soft and short stroke lengths with maximum reliability.
A strictly graphical and intentionally puristic aesthetic is the trademark of the Visign for More series. It addresses trend-conscious individualists. The flat panel appears to be floating in front of
thewall.This conveys a sense of relaxation and elegance. High quality materials, such as glass and metal in various colours, ensure unmistakable design accentuation. The system fulfils its promise: relaxation. The lightest of touches actuates a flush. The flush volume is chosen via the new rocker technology and allows resource saving use thanks to integrated dual volume flushing technology: adjustable short flush volume of ca. 3-4 litres or freely adjustable full flush volume of 6-9 litres.

Especially in public buildings with interruptions in use, such as schools or hotels, the demand for flushing systems is rising. When interruptions in use occur, Wega Hygiene+ guarantees
intended use using decentralised, individual flushing technology, which controls the flushing process both in terms of time and volume.
An electronic control of the Hygiene+ flushing system notices the lack of use of the drinking water extraction points, and ensures the required operation, preventing microbial contamination due to stagnation. An actuating panel triggers the flush with Hygiene+ flushing function, like e.g. the \fisign for Care actuating panel and/or Visign for More Urinal complete set with infrared technology.

Visign Collection by Viega Italia
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