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Flush plate

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Flush plate

Characteristics from architecture and the modem design would are unmistakable. Alongside the look, the technology is also impressive, with extremely soft and short stroke lengths with maximum reliability.
A strictly graphical and intentionally puristic aesthetic is the trademark of the Visign for More series. It addresses trend-conscious individualists. The flat panel appears to be floating in front of
thewall.This conveys a sense of relaxation and elegance. High quality materials, such as glass and metal in various colours, ensure unmistakable design accentuation. The system fulfils its promise: relaxation. The lightest of touches actuates a flush. The flush volume is chosen via the new rocker technology and allows resource saving use thanks to integrated dual volume flushing technology: adjustable short flush volume of ca. 3-4 litres or freely adjustable full flush volume of 6-9 litres.

Visign for Style blends harmoniously and tastefully into the look of the family bathroom. The clear aesthetics compliment the perfect technology. Visign for Style impresses and can be easily operated.
Modem ceramic and contemporary fittings have now become part of the family bathroom. Visign for Style harmoniously rounds-off the picture with its simple, clear lines. The desin line makes an elegantly reserved approach at emphasizing the interface between people and technology. Their technical competence is revealed by the new, extremely soft form of actuation. A
short, soft press, and the flush is actuated in the required dosage.

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