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VIMAREIKON EVO | Surveillance and control system

Surveillance and control system

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Marostica, Italy
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EIKON EVO | Surveillance and control system
Surveillance and control system

A celebration of sculptural beauty, exquisite finishing and functional elegance. Transmitting unprecedented charisma and allure to any room. An impeccable silhouette, lightly wafer-thin, protruding only millimetres from the wall thanks also to its axial controls. Seen in profile, Eikon Evo offers a subtly fascinating and impalpable presence, in tune with current interior design trends. An aery lighting command-point with a strangely suspended effect. The design created for Eikon Evo in aluminium, wood and Corian® creates an elusive sense of detachment from eventual imperfections in the wall, conjuring up a floating sensation that highlights the finest materials and their finishing. Forms designed to make their mark, dimensions with a delicate presence on the walls: Eikon Evo projects a sophisticated but confident image: a perfect synthesis of Vimar’s aesthetic principles. A switch plate that exalts the quality of its materials and their finishing. Eight different approaches to being, living and expressing luxury. Eikon Evo’s stylistic options take their inspiration from the latest interior design approaches, distilling their essences and interpreting them in original and personal ways through unusual combinations of materials, colours and finishes. Offering you choices on who to be and how to appear.

Eikon Evo - Surveillance and control system.

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