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Crystal shower wall panel

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Mariano Comense, Italy
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Crystal shower wall panel



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Protagonist, striking  patterns that define the character of a home’s furnishing or grace larger ambiences like hotels. The variety of decorated patterns is matched by that of the finishes, which range from the delicacy of ton sur ton satin effects to the impact of the deeper etching and the brilliance of the enamelling. Fruit of unique experience in the etching of flat glass, and of an all-Italian creative sensibility.

Madras ® Fili Mate (des. Ivo Pellegri) float-glass is designed in a satin finish that is well suited for major partitions and shower screens. And 'in fact transparent, but at the same time crossed by sinuous undulations and giants. The reason is also available with vertical movement. Brightness, perfection of detail, silky to the touch, refractoriness to fingerprints and ease of cleaning are guaranteed by the techniques of polishing and etching Madras ®, much better than the traditional sand, enhance the quality of the glass and give it distinctive and superior quality. For use as a shower screen, we recommend the installation with the machined surface outward: water, flowing, why not velero but rather enrich it with its own wake.

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Madras® Décor Collection by Vitrealspecchi
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