Decorated satin finish glass

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Mariano Comense, Italy
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Decorated satin finish glass



Madras® Texture collection: materials, textures and atmospheres find new expression thanks to special processing techniques that can alter the surface to produce the desired visual and tactile effect. The line is a unique resource for architecture and design in terms of both sensorial impact and light transmission / diffusion.
Over 20 textures in the catalog, full of potential that you appreciate the touch and enhances the light. Tempered and laminated, all the glass of the range fully comply with safety regulations. The wide variety of thicknesses available, they can be combined with any type of door frame and all glass, curtain walls, exterior glazing. No coincidence that many of the most influential brands of windows in Italy and Europe have chosen glass Madras ® for years as a member qualified for their collections.

Madras® Wengé Maté double face is characterized by the fineness of its texture, thanks to the alternation of dense and irregular lines, transparent and glazed on both sides of the plate, generating a fine moiré. The surface is perfectly smooth to the touch and highly resistant to fingerprints for easy cleaning. These benefits are the result of a special production process of chemical etching of glass exclusive Vitrealspecchi that much better than the traditional sand brings out the best qualities of the glass, and makes it the ideal component of any type of door.
The finishing on both sides of the glass creates dynamic visual effects, and that’s not all: the pleasing tactile and visual perception of walls and all-glass doors made with this product is the same from either side. Lastly, but no less importantly, it’s simpler to install because both sides are the same.

Further info from manufacturer on MADRAS® WENGE' MATE' DOUBLE FACE
Further details
Base glass: monolithic float glass to UNI EN 572 1-2: 2012; laminated float glass to UNI EN ISO 12543:2011 and EN 14449: 2005.
Description and performance: glass with a permanent chemically etched finish on both sides to screen vision but allow passage of light. The pattern is staggered on either side of the plate to create a play of dynamic superimpositions that change as the observer moves.
Size: 2250 x 3210 mm (useful area: 2210 x 3170 mm).
Thicknesses: monolithic from 4 to 12 mm; laminated 33.1 mm.
Colours: extraclear, clear.
Weight: 2.5 kg/m2 per millimetre of thickness.
Admitted processing: all mechanical and heat processes compatible with the base material (cutting, bevelling, drilling, tempering, bending, double glazing, painting, etc.).
Internal and external applications: the modern decorative impact of this product with a large pattern makes it suitable for both external
applications (façades, balconies, shelters, balustrades, etc.), being visible from a distance, and internally (partition walls, all-glass doors, shower
cabins, etc.).

Madras® Texture Collection by Vitrealspecchi
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