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VitrealspecchiMADRAS® NUVOLA

Gradient satin glass for parapets

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Mariano Comense, Italy
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Gradient satin glass for parapets
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 Madras® gradient satin glass products achieve ideal visual delicacy and protection of privacy and find wide application indoors and out, from the construction industry to design. Pleasing to the touch and long lasting, because the base material is always and only glass, and simple to install and maintain.

Madras® Nuvola is the latest solution for partitions walls and doors offers maximum privacy and maximum transparency, while its unique aesthetic qualities provide the visual lightness preferred by contemporary architecture and design. Obtained by a special chemical process, the satin finish is subtly graduated towards complete transparency. Perfectly smooth to the touch, it is scratch- and fingerprint-resistant and easy and quick to clean. Madras® Nuvola is an exclusive product by Vitrealspecchi, a company specializing in the etching of flat glass.

Base glass: float monolithic glass to UNI EN 572-1,2: 2004
Plate size: 2250/2400x3210mm
Thicknesses: up to 12mm
Colours: clear, extraclear
Weight: 2.5 kg/sqm/mm thickness
 All mechanical and heat processes are supported.

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