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Patterned satin finish glass

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Mariano Comense, Italy
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Patterned satin finish glass



Protagonist, striking  patterns that define the character of a home’s furnishing or grace larger ambiences like hotels. The variety of decorated patterns is matched by that of the finishes, which range from the delicacy of ton sur ton satin effects to the impact of the deeper etching and the brilliance of the enamelling. Fruit of unique experience in the etching of flat glass, and of an all-Italian creative sensibility.

For all types of glass door, and especially all-glass doors (a favourite option nowadays because of their ease of installation and immediacy of impact in both public and private ambiences), the new products from Madras® explore the themes of transparency and contrast between opaqueness and lustre in an intriguing play of layered effects in glass worked on both sides. Luminosity, perfect detailing, silkiness to the touch, fingerprint resistance and ease of cleaning are ensured by Madras® satin finishing and etching techniques, which enhance the qualities of glass far more than traditional sanding and give finished products distinctive and superior quality characteristics.  All Madras® glass products can be strengthened and laminated to make doors in full compliance with international safety standards.
Technical characteristics · Base material: float glass (single plate) to UNI EN 572-1,2: 2004; laminated float to UNI EN 12543: 2000.
· Plate size: 3210 x 2250 mm
· Thicknesses: up to 12 mm
· Colours: clear, extra-clear
· All mechanical and heat processes (cutting, tempering, bending, laminating, silvering, painting, etc.) are supported, provided they’re compatible with the base glass used.

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Madras® Décor Collection by Vitrealspecchi
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