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VitrealspecchiMadras® Punto-n Cristalli

Transparent glass texturized for Led lighting

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Mariano Comense, Italy
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Madras® Punto-n Cristalli
Transparent glass texturized for Led lighting
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Total transparency.
Transparency, the absolute purity of crystalline matter. The original function of glass – to protect without blocking vision – is maintained, whilst the beauty of the material itself is enhanced by technology and light.

Punto-n Cristalli is a new development with an extraordinary lightness of touch. A regular pattern of exquisitely small, sparkling and precious pinpoints covers its completely transparent surface. Pleasant to the touch with their almost imperceptible concavities, these tiny points light up with sophistication even in normal daylight and from every viewpoint. Pure emotion.
Base glass: float monolithic glass to UNI EN 572-1,2: 2004
Plate size: 2250x3210mm
Thicknesses: up to 10mm
Colour:  extraclear
Weight: 2.5 kg/sqm/mm thickness
 All mechanical and heat processes are supported.

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