Bentonite-based waterproofing product

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Ponzano Veneto, Italy
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Bentonite-based waterproofing product

VOLGRIP HP is a pre-cast waterproof self- gripping to concrete bentonite, coupled with an MDPE membrane. The VOLGRIP HP structure is made of a non-woven and porous textile, with interposed sodium bentonite, mechanically assembled through a needle-punching system, to which an MDPE membrane is glued and the entire assembly conveys an insuperable self- containment capacity to the product with unique waterproofing characteristics.

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Further details
To protect and waterproof underground concrete structures from constant or fluctuating and percolating groundwater.
Contact VOLTECO Technical Service for a different use.
Applications with concrete castings (beds and foundation walls against diaphragms, sheet pile and Berlinese retaining walls, existing foundations or disposable formwork) in constructions such as garages, cellars, warehouses, safety vaults, taverns, stores, multi-storey car parks, underpasses and tunnels.
• Excellent self-containment and high waterproofing capacity thanks to specific processing;
• prevents interface transmigration of water phenomena;
• automatically and permanently seals the cracks normally caused by concrete shrinkage;
• practical and rapid application, it must simply be riveted;
• can be drilled to lay reinforcements or connecting rods;
• can be cut and shaped to fit the shape of the structure perfectly;
• facilitates any pre-activation works, if necessary (in the presence of pollution and/or high levels of salinity in the ground or water);
• resistant to accidental impact;
• if VOLGRIP HP should be damaged while being applied, it is repaired by simply using the special sodium bentonite putty, BENTOSEAL;
• practical and rapid preparation of the application surfaces, which do not require to be levelled at the end of the process;
• sun, wind, rain and low temperatures do not affect its flexibility, application and functionality;
• it is not altered when in contact with elements normally found in the first groundwater flow;
• no protective coating is required in most cases.

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