Exterior insulation system

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Borso del Grappa, Italy
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Exterior insulation system

ARMORED thermal Thermal insulation  COAT
Thermal insulation system complete with stone finish coat, which allows installation without plastering on site, ideal for both new buildings and renovations.
The Wall System insulation panels have been designed and tested to resist the weather, even the most stricter as hail and heavy rain, thanks to their interlocking double casement sealant and the armor plating (reinforced with carbon fiber), thus offering total protection isolating optimally from cold and heat.
Prefabricated thermal coat system developed by insulating panels interlocking and fusion with natural and carbon fiber quartz coating.
The modular system, offers many advantages to make the easy, clean application, fast and free of thermal bridges; compared to traditional insulation systems (which have a total surface area), they avoid the risk of cracking due to small movements of building and thermal expansions. Fixing is by means of glue on the back and screw anchors concealed between the two battening. A thermal coat that is posing as a tile.
Thermal insulation system with exposed stone finish coat, allowing installation without finishing on site, ideal for both new buildings and renovations.
Prefinished insulation with double interlocking anti thermal bridge with melting coating quartz, guaranteed against hail and heavy rain, non-aging and maintenance-free, modular components for each conformation of building, specific technical solutions designed to solve and insulate also custom critics points .
Our panels are designed to simplify the installation and have the best performance by combining aesthetics value and durability, so ready to use (no need experience in place them).  Our company, with thirty years experience in the production of coating materials (patents in technical stone panels) and articles of furniture, has developed and patented this innovative thermal insulation system completely coat exposed stone finish, allowing installation without shaving in place, also ideal for renovations and protective renovations, as well as new buildings.
The insulation thickness varies from 8cm to 45cm on request.
There are 6 finishes with insulation in white EPSD20 or EPSD20 Black Graphite Neopor (to have a greater thermal insulation), 9 catalog colors. The thickness of the merger with surface stone cladding is 5 / 6mm.
Product protected by international patent, All rights reserved. Any reproduction, even partial, without written permission is prohibited.

Further info from manufacturer on CAPPOTTO CORAZZATO®

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