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15% off until 2nd April. Use the code SPRING15


WaveWAVE Design Acoustic Absorber

Basotect® hanging acoustical panels

  • Design by Claudio Hils, Thomas Gruber, Thomas Petzoldt

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Scheer, Germany
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WAVE Design Acoustic Absorber
Basotect® hanging acoustical panels
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WAVE Design Acoustic Absorber - In addition to a wide range of possibilities to create exactly matched modules with the software, a serial product line was developed. The modular system with four different basic forms, the standard acoustic absorbers A, B, C and D, cover most acoustic requirements for interiors. The four standard forms are coordinated with each other and can be freely combined in order to create continuous structures encompassing several modules. The waveforms of the standard absorbers can be combined in a mirrored, repeated, broken or continued manner, thus offering an almost infinite number of variations. The WAVE Design product line has been named "Product of the Year 2014" by the pro-K industry association. It was followed by the Iconic Award from the Design Council as "Best of Best" in the product category, as well as the "SPECIAL MENTION" award at the German Design Award 2015.

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