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Wood-fired Corten™ outdoor oven

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Arnhem, Netherlands
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Wood-fired Corten™ outdoor oven

With the Outdooroven, Weltevree makes cooking an outdoor activity. We want to prolong the outdoor season and be able to enjoy out-of-doors eating and living all year round. The Outdooroven shows you the possibilities, joy and quality of outdoor cooking.

Corten® steel

55 kg / 121 Ibs

Oven compartment
Height 19 cm / 7.5 inch
Width 31 cm / 12 inch
Depth 33 cm / 13 inch

Height 3 cm / 1 inch
Width 30 cm / 12 inch
Length 30 cm / 12 inch

The top plate of the Outdooroven is slightly tilted and has two gaps at the back, so rainwater will be drained from the top of the Outdooroven


- Chimney cowl : 
The chimney cap protects the pipe for rain and you can put the cap in the right direction for the wind.

Outdooroven Door: The Outdooroven Door fits on any Outdooroven (new and already in use). When using the Door the temperature in the oven gets higher and it channels the smoke upwards. Further more you will burn less wood, so it’s more efficient.

- Pizza shovel: For baking pizza in the Outdooroven. Also a useful tool to retrieve breads and casseroles.

- Additional meter Pipe: An extra meter pipe especially for the Outdooroven. This fits perfectly into the enclosed pipe. This way you easily prolong the outlet so you Outdooroven can be, for example, placed under a roof.

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