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Diamond-coated Disc

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The high-tech diamond cutting disc with an extremely long service life and a very high cutting speed for all construction trades. For angle grinders and wall slitting cutters.
Patented SD technology (structured diamonds)
For up to 70% higher cutting capacity and service life compared to the competition. The special even orientation of the diamonds ensures that there are always sufficient diamonds on the surface, resulting in a clean, fast cut. In addition, the even orientation of the diamonds provides for a permanently optimum utilisation of the entire cutting width.
Less resistance in the material
Compared to the competition, the approx. 10% narrower segments prevent unnecessary friction losses.
This also results in a longer service life due to 40% higher segments
Instead of the usual 10 mm, up to 14 mm segment height with effectively 40% more cutting diamonds.
Optimised dust removal and cooling
The fan segments feed in cooling air and transport the dust out of the cut. Special cooling openings with an "arrow arrangement" serve as additional cooling and as a captive running direction indicator.
Smoother running and more pleasant working conditions
PTFE-filled slits known as "Silent Holes" reduce uncontrolled vibrations and unpleasant running noise.

For dry and wet cutting.

Versatility (points system) 3 of 4 points.
Service life (points system) 4 of 4 points.
Cutting speed (point system) 4 of 4 points.
Cut quality (point system) 3 of 4 points.
Drill hole 22.23 mm.
Segment height 14 mm.
Segment thickness 2.4 mm.
Number of segments 16 PCS.
Segment connection Laser.
Max. rotation speed 6600 U/min(rpm).
Max. circumferential speed 80 m/s.

Further info from manufacturer on LONGLIFE SPEED-D

Diamond cutting disc Collection by Würth
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