Würth Formwork oil for wood

Formwork release and equipment for cleaning formwork

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Formwork oil for wood


Formwork release and equipment for cleaning formwork

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For wooden formwork, ready-to-use
With a base of special oils emulsified in water
the release action facilitates removal of formwork from items
improves the visual appearance of concrete products
protects the formwork, prolonging its life
promotes cleaning of the formwork

Free of solvents
low odour
ease of handling

NoticeDo not apply the product at temperatures below 5°C or in the case of impending rain or on wet surfaces. Stir the release agent prior to use. Protect from frost

The technical advice given, while based on our best experience, should in any event be considered purely as guidance and should be confirmed by comprehensive practical tests. The purchaser is in any event responsible for personally testing our products to ensure their suitable for the planned use

Specific to application on wooden formwork. It can be used undiluted or diluted depending on the absorption of the panels used

InstructionsThe surfaces to be covered must be cleaned. Shake the product prior to use. Generally it is ready to use, but in the case of less absorbent surfaces it can be diluted one part release agent to 2 or 3 parts water. On new panels, if immediately absorbed, application of a second coat is recommended. Application can be done by brushing or spraying. Spray application is recommended, avoiding the use of an excessive amount of product. Wait for the complete drying before spraying, at least 4-5 hours, and protect from rain

1 litre of release agent for wood panels can treat more than 60 m2 of surface area, depending on the degree of dilution and the wear condition of the formwork used

Chemical basis Fully synthetic special oil
Density 0.92 kg/l
Density conditions at 20°C
Min. temperature conditions 1 °C
Max. temperature conditions 35 °C
Kinematic oil basis viscosity 89 cSt
Conditions for viscosity of oil basis at 15°C
Chloric No
Smell/fragrance Characteristic
Shelf life from production 12 Month
Conditions to maintain shelf life from production from 5°C to 35°C

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