Thermal insulation felt

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Neumarkt, Italy
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Thermal insulation felt


Thin multi-layer heat-reflecting insulation
Innovative high-technology product for the thermal insulation of buildings
Principle of operation

-thanks to its unique composition, characterized by using a range of different materials together, this insulation material uses heat transfer methods (radiation, conduction, convection, change state), and is particularly effective in reflecting radiated heat
-Winter → creates a barrier against the cold outside air and returns the heat produced inside the home
-Summer → pushes the heat radiated from the roof back outside and keeps the interior cool

Allows for the production of much thinner insulation materials than traditional, thicker versions
Greater living space and area = economic advantage
Optimal solution for renovation projects: the aesthetics of the outside of the building are preserved, and useful space is saved inside
One product for different applications: walls, roofs, floors etc.
Adapts to all types of support, and takes on any form necessary
Quick and easy installation
Packaged in lightweight and easy-to-handle rolls
Volume reduced for covering the same surface area: saves considerable space when storing, as well as saving time when handling
No special equipment required for laying
Does not contain irritating fibres or toxic components, so no special precautions need to be taken when laying
Guarantees optimum thermal comfort both in winter and in summer (outstanding performance against summer heat) allowing considerable savings on heating and cooling costs
Insulation lasts over time: the material does not change, and does not attract rodents

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