Upholstered folding fabric chair

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Upholstered folding fabric chair



COLOURBOX: the simple succession of color crayons, or colored chalk, framed by a box. The goal goes beyond the formal gesture originated from a suggestion. Through a structured project, the object itself is enlarged out of scale to be expressed, materially, in another object, equally simple in its being, while maintaining the game features and simplicity: sitting. The conceptual simplicity generates flexibility and elasticity of the object. The box itself is a chromatic discovery: the structural frame is also frame of cylindrical cushions, manually removable and interchangeable, to meet the functional / aesthetic or only for game, just like in the presence of a colors box. The character is essentially playful and timeless: color is a key element, both declined in monochrome B / W, both in MULTICOLOR. The simplicity of the components is the strength of its versatility. The seat is foldable, stackable, assembled: his "working" part of the game, adds interest and curiosity. The single box is 'fold' in two and forms a soft chair: around the central cylinder rotates the seat, stabilized grounded by a support frame, designed on the inside and that opens only when functional. The frame in its thickness contains all the component parts: the two shields to form seat / back and the cylinders soft coating. The color scheme is also visible on the back by horizontal cuts on the surface so that the object in its 3D, minimizes the difference-front/back, becoming the subject to see, touch, hang.

wood lacquered plywood-polyester fabric – Velcro
Utility model: n. 0000101364

Further info from manufacturer on COLOURBOX
mm. 440 L x 860 h x 11
Dimensions COLOURBOX

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