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Linen curtain

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Zimmer + Rohde

Oberursel, Germany
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Linen curtain


Linen, Cotton

LOCKET PRINT - The use of printed 'stitched lines' gives a contemporary twist to this classical locket inspired design. The artisanal linen ground of this fabric is specially woven by hand with an average of 5 to 7 meters per day from a single loom. After woven, the finished 100% linen fabric is then taken for hand printing. The single colour design is exposed on the fabric with the use of a fine mesh screen resulting in a hand block printed look in a sophisticated two colour design. Creating a calm, relaxed personal retreat is a luxury in our time of fast paced technology. Hodsoll McKenzie offers the designer endless possibilities to create timeless interiors reflecting individual style and personality. A myriad of sophisticated printed and woven fabrics are presented in two booked collections. Hodsoll McKenzie is pleased to provide these new opportunities allowing one to create their own graceful OASIS. Inspired palettes, outstanding constructions with endless textural variety, and artful styling distinguish this seasons fusion of design elements.

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Oasis Collection by Zimmer + Rohde
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