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ZUCCHETTICLOSER | Chrome-plated overhead shower

Wall-mounted overhead shower

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Gozzano, Italy
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CLOSER | Chrome-plated overhead shower
Wall-mounted overhead shower
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Since its foundation, with a constant commitment to the production of desirable experiences and seductive ideas, Zucchetti once again expresses this vocation in the SHOWER PLUS collection, a huge range of showerheads that promises to transform the shower into a sensorial path that involves and reawakens all the senses. Chromotherapy,aromatherapy and water-therapy are the experiences that Zucchetti offers with this line of products dedicated to wellness and personal care. These hi-tech functions have been built into big-impact shower heads that are also pleasing to the eye and suitable for home or contract use.
Wellbeing can be chosen and personalised to suit personal needs and taste: coloured light to improve the biological functions of the nervous and immune system, aromatic stimulation to rebalance the mental, physical and energy spheres, various types of water jets, like the soft, nebulised rainfall ones to reduce stress or cascade jets to give a boost of energy.
The collection consists of SHOWER SYSTEMS with rain jet, that can be wall mounted with shower arm or ceiling mounted. Or MULTIFUNCTION SYSTEMS that combine the various jets (rain, blade, tropical and / or atomising) with chromoterapy or aromatherapy.

Closer is the most eclectic of Zucchetti's recent creations. Dynamic, flexible and iconic... this new showerhead reinvents the movements we associate with showering. 
In Closer, Zucchetti has interpreted modern life and created a product that captures the taste and sensitivity of a public that is searching for new experiences in the bathroom, both from a sensory and functional perspective.
Closer distances itself from the usual formal references, instead offering a truly original, creative and functional reimagining of the shower column. It recalls the aesthetics of a lamp, and embraces all the poetics inherent to the idea of balance, capable of renewing itself and changing its appearance without warning. The cylindrical counterweight ensures that the showerhead is stable in any position and at any height, and acts as a visual counterpoint within the overall composition.
The whole structure has been designed to be adjusted and extended simply and intuitively.  
Closer has a linear, simple and evocative design, which with elegant reserve incorporates high-tech features, the result of the incessant research carried out by Zucchetti to ensure the company stays at the cutting edge in all areas. 
At the moment Zucchetti and Diego Grandi are working on an extended collection to expand the original idea into multiple products, whilst ensuring they remain recognisable.  
Total max length, including arms 805 mm. Shower head diameter 95 mm
Chrome and black.

CLOSER - Wall mounted shower head with adjustable arm and floating joint at the base of the shower head.

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