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Simes is an Italian company and one of the leaders for outdoor lighting. Simes was founded in 1973 and has evolved steadily, becoming one of the biggest producers in Italiy, Europe and on an international scale, in terms of turnover, product quality, technical and commercial services. All products are manufactured in the company's production facility in Franciacorta, and every single working step is meticulously planed and supervised in order to guarantee highest quality "Made in Italy". For over 15 years the company continuous to invest into research and development of new LED technology. These efforts are the fundamentals for a production of smart appliances and sustainable high-performance lighting. Thanks to a team of engineers and lighting designers, Simes collaborates with architects, landscape architects, city planners and engineers in oder to offer public and private customers excellence in the quality of materials, technical innovation and reliability. Simes is manufacturing high performance lighting in accordance with the criteria of environmental sustainability and is working with experts in the field of bio-architecture, always with the objective of developing eco-compatible lightings. The slogan "Light for architechture" reflects the company's ambition for designing optimal solutions for lighting architectures, creating emotions and ensuring high visual comfort. Today Simes lights the most prestigious architectures and the most scenic and evocative landscapes. In addition to consulting services Simes also organizes tours and seminars during which the company shares its experience and expertise with professionals. Simes also ensures constant investments in order to acquire adequate instruments for prototyping and engineering reflectors and optics. The company also runs an internal office for industrial design, 3D prototypes and molds so that it can manage and monitor directly the main stages of the development of new products. ... More ... less
SIMES wins iF Product Design Award in the Lighting category