Monolithe with Guillaume Delvigne

Eora, a generous and comfortable chair, with strong and clear lines

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Monolithe with Guillaume Delvigne
12/02/2018 - For this delicate mission, Monolithe has enrolled Guillaume Delvigne, a leading figure in French design. This talented maker, a TooldsGalerie resident, has previously worked for Hemès, Harto, Cristal de Sèvres, and many others. He got into his new mission with passion. The chair’s structure had to be exposed, not hiding anything from its user, and be made with noble materials. Furthermore, it was destined either for a private or contract use, meaning furnishing restaurants and public facilities.

« Monolithe wanted a chair with a presence, more than that, with poise. A generous and comfortable chair, in order to furnish restaurants. It had to be as timeless as possible, with strong, clear lines, and a distinctive look»

Eora seems to be built in only one piece of ash tree wood, nicely curved, topped by a thick shell, with impeccable back support and designed with smooth lines. As for upholstery, Monolithe and Guillaume Delvigne chose Gabriel, a Danish institution, specializing since 1851 in high performance professional fabrics and wool processing. This fine institution is nowadays amongst leading textiles suppliers in Europe. The selected fabrics are semi plains with muted shades, in order to let the chair’s design glow. A leather version, in two colors, black and gold, is also available.

Influenced by visionary Italian architects such as Ettore Sottsass and Andrea Branzi, with whom he studied, Guillaume Delvigne is now a major designer in France. A heir to his masters, he endorses the art of detail, either poetic, funny, radical, never pointless. As humble as most great artists, he either designs frying pans or totemic furniture for ToolsGalerie. The latter charmed Monolithe and have spawned Eora, the bright incarnation of this successful partnership.

Monolithe on Archiproducts.comMonolithe with Guillaume Delvigne

Monolithe with Guillaume Delvigne

Monolithe with Guillaume Delvigne

Monolithe with Guillaume Delvigne

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