Tala unveils the Basalt collection

A celebration of the ancient basalt columns of Giant’s Causeway

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Tala unveils the Basalt collection
12/10/2017 - Utilising the theories behind biomimicry, the Basalt collection by lighting brand Tala is a celebration of the ancient basalt columns that form the monumental landscape of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

The design concept alludes to the process of formation and contraction in the creation of basalt. Tala undertook rigorous testing of visual and experiential possibilities, relating to surface textures, to echo the natural rock formations. The resulting material palette combines carefully-moulded, textured cast brass and smooth, sandblasted glass which unite in elegant columns of soft light.

In keeping with Tala’s founding ethos of Conservation Through Beauty, the collection integrates LED technology with recyclable materials and an intricate componentry to bring the design narrative to life.

Joe Armitage, Tala’s Design Director, elaborates: “The Basalt series is a continuation of our study into natural forms and how to recreate them using glass, metal and light. The distinctive basalt patterning seen in the Giant’s Causeway is a fantastic example of nature’s mathematical beauty at work and it has been a fascinating journey mirroring the natural processes which created those basalt columns millions of years ago.

Available in a touch lamp and pendant form, and in two different sizes, the Basalt collection will be available to purchase in the new year.

Tala on Archiproducts.com
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