Zava @ Light+Building 2018

Innovative strength and ability to design products for everybody

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Zava @ Light+Building 2018
13/03/2018 - Design, design and still more design! This is the keyword and Zava inspiration source; Design is the start of a whole world of ideas and products. Zava take part to Light+Building Fair (18-22 March 2018) with its idea of design and its luminous products, the result of a vision that combines design, technology and craftsmanship.

For several years Zava has been sharing his vision and his ideas of light with different designers, traveling partners and interpreters of the world and the ZAVA ’s philosophy: to give a face to a “know-how” that has always tried to combine technology, craftsmanship and design as its true vocation of the made in Italy.

Zava’s skills count on the innovative strength of the design and its ability to design products for everybody to interpret their life and personal needs. The elective material has always been the metalfrom which Zava wisely get inspired in combination with other materials.
ANDROMEDA Design Paolo Ulian
This a hanging lamp that can be adjusted in many different ways. Its look may vary according to the arrangement of its hex elements / diffusers that can be easily bent. A laser-cutting machine cuts just one aluminium sheet to produce the lamp elements without any waste.

ARIANNA Design Paolo Ulian e Caterina Di Michele
A lamp that is like a spool on to which to wind or unwind the electric cable, allowing it reach every corner of the room, and further still... Made with an industrial sprocket for welding machines.

A-SHADE Design Douglas James Design Studio
A-Shade is inspired by a minimalist style, which proceeds by subtraction and reduces the shape to essentiality without damaging its lighting function: a threadlike suspension with exposed bulb and reflected light that adds a new dimension. Available in a wide range of colours.
DRIYOS Design Delineodesign
If I can move the light where I want , if I can change the room’s appearance by bouncing the light now on the table, on the wall , on the ceiling or on the couch ... if I can have a direct relationship with the shape and function of the object and with the emotions that the object is able to give me ... then I can only give him a homey name.
DRIYOS NAKED Design Delineodesign
“If I can move the light where I want, if I can have a direct relationship with the shape and function of the object and with the emotions that the object is able to give me ... then I can only give him a homey name.” Fashion colors and large bulb exposed…so Driyos turns into a naked playing with suspended its formal simplicity and colors allowing unusual combinations.

LADY CAGE Design Massimo Rosati
Inspired by the old-fashioned workshop light. The rough 'cage lamp' shows off the most classic of shades and dreams of being a real Lady. A black outfit is a must for the occasion...
LOOLA Design Brogliato Traverso Studio
A large circle of light, a pure and minimal shape guarded by the delicate embrace of the two rings that encircle it. The diffuser enhances the high-efficiency LED light source, fed directly by mains voltage without the use of a power supply unit/transformer. Suitable for any type of environment, Loola is available as a pendant, ceiling flush light, or wall sconce.
NET Design Paolo Ulian
Net is a lamp in sheet steel with a strong sculptural inclination. The diffuser is made from a laser-cut flat steel sheet.
It can assume simple, pure forms to adapt to discrete and minimal or complex geometric and sculptural environments giving character to and enriching homes or public spaces. When it is switched on it projects a pleasing decorative effect onto the walls. There are also pendant, floor and table versions.
RAGI Design Franco Zavarise
Ragi is a versatile suspension system that enables the recreation of multiple customised compositions, in terms of the number of light points, and the shape and colours of the various elements. The Ragi systems can be combined with other shades.

RINGS Design Valerio Cometti
It is a lamp designed for the contract and more generally for major installations, to give to the interior designers, to the end customers, and more generally, to the project managers , the chance to 'draw' shapes and describe sculptural volumes freely , by providing rings of light that are stiff, but ethereal at the same time. The idea is offering project concept, creating a simple alphabet, made of different diameters and light-free path to be able to compose these 'letters' with great inventiveness and create high-impact installations. The LEDs are perfectly suited to this exercise of geometric and light.

Zava on
Zava @ Light+Building 2018

Zava @ Light+Building 2018

Zava @ Light+Building 2018

Zava @ Light+Building 2018

Zava @ Light+Building 2018

Zava @ Light+Building 2018

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