Lavabo redondo simple de acero inoxidable

  • Diseño de Laurent Besseas
  • Colección Narcis
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Lavabo redondo simple de acero inoxidable


de acero inoxidable

The Narcis collection revisits the old-fashioned basin, turning it into precious, contemporary object. All washwbasins are made out of an exceptional material – 316 stainless steel, the highest quality of metal substrate that exists, and which is resistant to corrosion. Bassines applies a sophisticated coating technique used in the aeronautical industry. PVD or Phase Vapor Deposit coating is a vacuum process carried out in a chamber heated on very high temperature, where metallic vapor is deposited in a thin lm on the stainless steel, bonding closely with it. The obtain hardness – seven times greater than normal – makes the metal permanently resistant to scratches. The basins are available in four finishes – stainless steel, brass, copper and black, in satin and brilliant versions. The stopper is the signature feature of the Narcis collection. It is a decorative element echoing the shape of the basin and providing a color combination. Personalization is at the heart of this product: the stopper could be chased with guilloche patterns or engraved. A metal plaque on the rim might feature the owner’s name or add a custom touch. To preserve the harmonious appearance of its basins, Bassines has invented an original over ow device. The patented Magic Over Flow system evacuates water discreetly via a hidden drain inside the basin.

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