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ISO-T bars


Contrachapado marino de okoumé


de okoumé

ISO - T Bars are anti-vibration bars made with Okoumé Marine Plywood and a special rubber-cork core, which is suitable to high performance vibration insulation.For flooring and walls. The three different types of ISO T bars have been realised to allow a “solid fixing” (horizontal or vertical) in all yachts' compartmentation, granting, in the same time, a perfect vibration insulation in all internal rooms. • ISO T - N: specifically indicated for fixing decorative elements in vertical position. The small size of antivibration elements grant a low vibrational transmission, even in case of an applied  load of small dimensions  (tipic of vertical section). • ISO T - NF/NF1: suitable for horizontal applications as anti-vibration support for floorings. The NF bar type is realised with 2 Okoumé marine plywood faces , to allow a fixing and a level  that fit the yachts structure floorings. Type NF1 is charachterised for the reduced overall dimensions, all performances being equal,  because it does not have one of the two Okoumé faces.

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