Laminam CALCE 1620X3240

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Fiorano Modenese, Italie
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CALCE 1620X3240

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Plan de travail en céramique


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Année Design

A revolutionary ceramic slab has changed the approach to the home. It is Laminam, a name and a technologically advanced material, which guarantees the maximum performance for domestic and public spaces, combining technological features with high-level aesthetic values.  Laminam is also designed to personalise every worktop with different styles and effects. From a table to the kitchen worktop, from the counter of a bar to the top of an item of bathroom furniture.
The new series 1620x3240mm with 12mm thickness increase the freedom of use of the material targeting the furnishing and design sector,  particularly that of large, top-of-the-range island kitchens, where they offer an alternative to other materials such as marble and stone slabs, which have a higher cost and greater environmental impact. 
The new series confirms the many advantages and extremely high-performance technical features offered by this versatile ceramic slab in the innumerable applications already known. Resistance to chemical products, wear and tear and flexion, frost and fire; a hygienic surface, unalterable colours, recyclability and stain-resistance.

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Collection 1620x3240mm par Laminam
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