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Postazione di lavoro

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Tarnowo Podgórne, Polonia
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PLUS | Postazione di lavoro


Postazione di lavoro

PLUS di Balma è un sistema di arredi per ufficio completo e componibile.

Desks with height regulation - Balma PLUS is a System that takes into consideration not only functionality, but also activity We have created a line of desks  which can be electrically adjusted. They can be operated directly from your computer (through the USB connector). Thanks to this innovative application, your desk is not only going to remind you that you should change your body posture at given intervals, but it can also register the statistics of your activity in daily or weekly cycles. 
The height adjustment function on your desk helps to reduce the load on your musculosketal system and to wake up the muscles, which in turn, has a positive influence on your skeletal structure and your metabolism. 

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