Jonas Hansen Furniture Q1 | Tavolo rettangolare

Tavolo rettangolare

  • Collezione Q1
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Jonas Hansen Furniture

München , Germania
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Q1 | Tavolo rettangolare


Tavolo rettangolare


in metallo, in MDF

Tavolo rettangolare con base in metallo verniciato a polvere e piano in MDF dalla collezione Q1 (2016) di JONAS HANSEN FURNITURE.

Our base material is always Steel. We use the thinnest possible sheets for our Furniture and cut them into the desired form. The lasercutting technology allows us to work with uchallenged precison. After the cutting process, we bend the sheet into the final form.
Wood & Cement
We don't use wood, we prefer using recycled materials. High pressure laminate made from recycled wood and paper. Made in Switzerland. Layers glued together for the ultimate strength and durability.

• scratch resistant
• shock resistant
• easy care
• hygienic

For Outdoors, we use fibre cement made in Germany.
The best powder
We only use premium deep matt powder made in Switzerland.

• no toxic substances, solvent free
• environmentally friendly production
• extremely weather resistant
• deep matt finish
• UV-resistant
The screws and nuts we use are made in Germany and also fasten the Airbus A380 turbines to the plane. Founded 1877. The adjustable feet are made from aluminum and are manufactured in Germany since 1894. Steel ropes handmade in Germany since 1898.
L. 1600, 2000, 2400 x D. 800 x H. 730 mm

Collezione Q1 by Jonas Hansen Furniture
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