JUSTIME DRAGON | Miscelatore per doccia

Miscelatore per doccia monocomando in ottone cromato con piastra

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Chang Hua, Taiwan
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DRAGON | Miscelatore per doccia


Miscelatore per doccia monocomando in ottone cromato con piastra


in ottone cromato

In the East, dragon represents honor and has auspicious meaning. Dragon Bathroom Accessories has inspired by Dragon Faucets with simple lines. Dragon Accessories could help to create unique bathing spaces for users. The appearance has combined with the function perfectly to reach the main idea of "the Form Follows Function". Accessories were molded concise shape for providing stability to users.
The special shape is like the letter "G," and it does not only mean "G" for DRAGON also mean "G" for GOOD. DRAGON Series is the symble of a high quality artistic work. This brand-new design concept is different from the traditional style, therefore, it is perceived that JUSTIME insists on upgrading in each passing day to provide clients the best shower time.
Both of the outlet and handle can be revolved for changing the shape as what the user requires, so that sometimes it is a crouching dragon and others it will prepare to soar in the sky any time. The strong body provides the safe protect and shows the power of stabilizing the spirit.

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