Kriskadecor Ecuador Pavillion Expo Milano

Tela metallica e tessuto metallico per facciata

  • Design by Zorrozua y Asociados

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Montblanc, Spagna
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Ecuador Pavillion Expo Milano


Tela metallica e tessuto metallico per facciata

Anno Design

KriskaDECOR becomes one of the protagonists at the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition thanks to its participation in covering the Ecuador pavilion, an architectonic work designed by Zorrozua y Asociados that evokes the concept of “Good Living” (or "Sumak Kawsay", in Quechua), through a blend of tradition-inspired  shapes and graphical symbols. The folkloric motifs that make up the façade’s composition are a universal reflection of Ecuadorian culture, and they are inspired in the traditional textile handcrafts of the Otavalo region.

Thanks to the use of KriskaDECOR aluminium curtains we get, on every side of the building, a unique composition. The visitor becomes captivated by the façade’s great visual impact, which manages to frame the construction with a strong, chromatic emphasis that makes it stand out from the other pavilions. In this case, the range of colours and sheens from the autochthonous Ecuadorian fabrics  were sought. The colours used are yellow, red, lilac, blue and green tones that represent the whole spectrum of colours that exist in the country’s regions. Moreover, the effects of the sun and night light have also been taken into account to achieve a much more powerful perception of the colours. Then the sensation of movement is added, offered by the curtains, simulating the flow of the fabrics themselves. 

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