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STAC decided to group together all of the current problems with respect to detachable handles and provide a solution at our design and development centre. As a consequence the Sirius Detachable Handle was developed which brings together all their features and stands out from the traditional detachable handles with the following characteristics:

1- To secure the handle assembly on to the base mechanism
The new Sirius cremone has a base component over the backplate in where the generally squared cavity that is use to pull has been changed to a “TT” shape double slot. We have developed a similar component for the handle but with the corresponding counter shape so that the end user fits the handle slotting it in to the base and therefore eliminating the risk of it falling off.

2- To be able to pull the handle for any operation
The new double “T” transmission components completely secure the handle over the base making it possible to pull the handle for a casement opening as well as being able to swivel it to tilt the window.

3- Clipping of the handle over the baseplate
This is another change in this new design. We have developed and integrated in to the assembly a retaining component that impedes the handle coming out of the grooves during normal cremone use and being able to be installed and operative for as long as is required as well as being able to leave the tilted window with the handle in place without any risk of it falling out. To unblock it, the end user simply lightly presses the retention clip.

4- Maximum cycle durability
As a result of the previous points, this has converted together with a base cremone and detachable handle in to a 100% functional cremone if the end user so requires. Therefore the mechanism has been researched from the point of view of cycle resistance. The T mechanism is designed to maximise the contact faces between the handle transmission components and the backplate and at the same time the contact point with the rotation shaft is avoided in order to reduce the torque.

5- A new and updated design which is minimal and integrated
From the inception of the product we considered being able to offer a minimalist mechanism in relation to the cremone base which integrates with the backplate, this being the component that highlights its aesthetic lines. The channel groove is hidden in the transmission shaft and is imperceptible from the front and is only 4 mm high with respect to the base. The components have been developed in Zamak so that they can be painted in any of the RAL chart colours for total integration with any aluminium system.
- Easy handle assembly on to the base mechanism
- To be able to pull the handle for any operation
- Clipping of the handle over the baseplate
- Maximum cycle durability
- New updated design, minimal and integrated

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