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Product development

The building enclosure market is tending towards a minimalistic approach which has led to very large windows that provide more luminousity and create wide spaces without entry or exit obstacles.

On the other hand, the implementation of technical building regulations have resulted in the almost obligatory installation of much thicker glazing resulting in the sashes being considerably heavier which makes it difficult or impossible to use as compared to a normal slider.

With this in mind, the attention is focused on the slider lifting hardware consisting of mechanisms that, when activated by the user, establish two sash positions in the sash, one closed where the sash rests by gravity and the other elevated so that it can be moved horizontally without friction and is helped along by the wheel bearings.

The traditional hardware on the market is lifted by rising the wheel support structure on a sloped plane in the shape of a groove found at the bottom of the carriages.

In this configuration, positions are found when the sash is lifted and the weight is distributed over the wheels but they are unbalanced which could cause the bearings to fail due to wear, noise as well as blockage.

Additionally, and due to the effect of the sloping plane in the lifting movement, it does not rise vertically resulting in the sash moving and then pitching depending on its weight and the speed it is lifted. The movement is not the same when opening and then closing as closing and then opening which makes it difficult to be able to determine the closing position in configurations of various consecutive sashes. Also, when the user is handling it, the closing position will depend on the order the sashes have been moved resulting in not being able to close the last sash due to an accumulation of gaps in the intermediate movements.

It also goes without saying that the final weather tightness of the unit is also affected.

- A totally vertical lifting mechanism.
- Less effort needed in lifting.
- Especially reinforced resin wheels to support heavy loads.
- A rotational cleaning system synchronised by wheel movement.
- It will support configurations of up to 300 kgs. per sash. For configurations of up to 400 kgs., two additional carriages must be added.
- Pozidrive head screws used for fixing to the profile
- Zinc plated metallic Pieces with a corrosion resistance of >240 hours in a saline mist chamber.
- The kits are supplied in boxes
- Option to add profile fixing screws.

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