Love Tiles AROMA | Revestimento de parede

Revestimento de parede em monoporosa pasta branca

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AROMA | Revestimento de parede


Revestimento de parede em monoporosa pasta branca


em monoporosa pasta branca

Let “aroma” invade your home.
An aroma (scent) that awakens our senses and that takes us into a safe haven. “Aroma” enables the creation, through its chromatic range, of spaces that are the stages of common daily life experiences as well of extraordinary and unforgettable moments. Our space, our shelter off harmony and wellbeing.
We aim at creating long lasting memories in environments which were thought of with “Aroma” elements. The purity and renewal of the Salt colour, the fragrance of the Coffee and Vanilla colours and the flavour of Papaya and Blueberry colours. A set of experiences that create long-lasting images in our mind and print their essence on it.
This collection has a wide range of colours that seek to respond to the boldest tastes – through stronger and more striking trend colours – and to the most discreet preferences, with neutral shades which can be easily coordinated among each other.
Papaya (orange) and Blueberry (blue) colours awaken our senses, it is impossible to be indifferent to them. Ideal for lively spaces that invite to sharing and conviviality.
Neutral colours can be coordinated among them or making a contrast with strong colours, thus balancing the visual intensity.
Aroma is an urban and graphic lining with a slight texture, only noticeable through lighting effects.
Available in 8 aromas (colours): Salt (white), Vanilla (beige), Earl Grey (grey), Coffee (brown), Black Pepper (black), Oregon (green), Papaya (orange) and Blueberry (blue).
The 35x70 and 20x60 rectangular shapes create continuous lines that elongate and amplify spaces.
Aroma lining is easily coordinated with a wooden-type pavement - Wildwood or Fusion – providing a warm and cosy touch, with Nest or Ground, a modern and cosmopolitan style or with Blend, a colourful and urban style.

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Coleção Aroma por Love Tiles
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