20twenty. Used Wood Effect

New Emilceramica tile on preview at Cersaie

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20twenty. Used Wood Effect
08/08/2017 - At the next edition of Cersaie, Emilceramica presents 20twenty, a complex design project that features different types of wood and combines the familiar large strip tiles with the 20x20 size, an original stylistic touch which becomes the collection’s key characteristic.
The design expresses all the beauty of the different woods’ vein patterns, structures and colours, considered from different angles: from the side, from the end and along the length of the planks. The different sizes can be combined or alternated on floors or walls to create distinctive, unconventional interiors, with striking contemporary design.

The variations in shade caused by passing time and the signs of wear and reshaping have all helped to create the surfaces of vintage wood. A wood that has been given its personality and character by time itself.

Today, industrial parquet is a very trendy choice for the technical floor and wall coverings of modern interiors inspired by the industrial style. The variety of colour and structures of the oak strips that make up the 20x20 size instantly conveys an impression of a compact, strong, even surface. They are a perfect combination with the pure oak large strip tiles that complete the collection.

Both sizes express the full beauty of the vein patterns found in elegant, timeless walnut, salvaged from boards once incorporated in exquisite furniture, with all the marks left by their use proudly displayed on their surfaces. This fine wood, concentrated in the 20x20 size, achieves greater continuity in the planks that celebrate all its beauty.

A collection that celebrates the beauty and power of old oak logs. Each section of the log provides fresh inspirational inputs. The flaws in the trunk and its chiaroscuro colouring dominate in the 20x20 size, while the distinctive vein patterns of beams run sweetly through the matching large strip tiles.

Pallets White
Plain, lowly objects can sometimes be the source of ideas that delight and set new trends. Considered in all its details and from different points of view, even a bleached, salvaged pallet can inspire the design of original, extremely stylish surfaces, in both 20x20 and plank sizes.

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