An 'emergency button' to use every day

MAYDAY, the new built-in wall mixer tap by antoniolupi

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An 'emergency button' to use every day
13/07/2017 - Ironic in its style and fun for its smart operating mode, attractive in giving a touch of color to any shower space, inviting because it seems like an emergency button to be used only in case of extreme necessity, how many times we were tempted to press one and see what actually would happen?

MAYDAY is the built-in wall mixer tap by antoniolupi that takes the shape of an alarm bottom. That’s the way the interaction with the taps changes. No more lever up to let the water flow, but a bottom to pull and push. The movement transforms the tap’s function itself. The shape evolves according with its use.

Gi-RA design features a design that plays on meanings transforming an emergency button in a command handle to use every day: Mayday is a remote wall mixer suitable for sink taps, showerheads or hand showers.

The water opens by means of an axial movement, not as you would expect by pressing the button but pulling it toward us. The mixing of the water jet takes place by turning right or left while pressing the button closes the jet. A new way of interpreting the mixer and redefining characters and modes of operation.

Antonio Lupi Design® on ARCHIPRODUCTSAn 'emergency button' to use every day

An 'emergency button' to use every day

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