VitrA @ ISH 2017

The new products on show

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VitrA @ ISH 2017
21/03/2017 - VitrA produces products and solutions that will make homes beautiful, add value to life and inspire professionals. VitrA 2017 collection can design dreams and transform them into living spaces, with intelligent solutions, innovative technologies and inspiring designs.

MEMORIA ELEMENTS - Designed by Christophe Pillet
Minimal details creating aesthetic and special spaces. MEMORIA ELEMENTS


Elegant pieces maintaining the innovative and aesthetic design line of VitrA’s bathroom furniture further enriches VitrA’s world of special sensations. Featuring organic forms, modern designs and unique minimal details, Memoria Elements opens the door to brand new and impressive combinations with excellent harmony. Swivel cabinet offering 360-degree freedom of use, have a mirror, bar for hanging clothing, removable drawer in the middle, and open/closed storage spaces. Moreover, LED lighting on the top creates an elegant ambiance in the bathroom. The tray on the bank can be used for displaying decorative articles while basket keeps personal items.

Distinctive design and durable material. OUTLINE


The Outline series is characterized by distinctive design and Cerafine material that give a new look to bathrooms. Stronger, finer, more modern and more aesthetic. Modern, authentic and charming, Outline washbasins come in 5 different forms – TV, oval, square, pebble and round, and in 5 colors – matte black, matte mink, matte taupe, matte white, and white.

Geometric and pure design for authentic pleasure. FRAME


Authentic and modern design merge with the finest technology and functionality in this collection. Offering black, white-oak and taupe color options addressing any taste, Frame’s uniquely designed products create an unusual bathroom experience for its users.

A gray-colored non-slip mat inside the drawers ensures comfort, while LED lighting creates a warm and pleasant ambiance in bathroom. A bathrobe unit providing spacious storage on multiple shelves is versatile, elegant and particularly suitable for bathrooms. Other side of the unit has hanging pins for bathrobes and towels. Washbasin units and mirrors with LED lighting create elegant atmosphere in bathrooms. WC Pan with photocell-controlled bidet function provides a touch-free and comfortable hygiene experience. Built-in mirror cabinet provides functional usage thanks to its plug socket, mini-magnifying mirror, inner glass shelves and soft-closing doors. Soft-close drawers in the washbasin units support bathroom safety and silence. Drawer non-slip mats add extra elegance and comfort. FRAME


With different dimensions for maximum ease of use, countertop washbasin units with 60, 80, 100, 120 cm and vanity units with 60, 80, 100 cm width options complement graceful lines of the washbasin unit. Frame’s vanity basins are designed with expansive areas for toiletries and deep bowls to ensure your comfort. Washbasins are offered in white and matte taupe color options.
Modern reflection of natural forms.

The innovative and modern design of Frame gives a new look to washbasin collections. Frame countertop washbasins stand out with their geometric form and fine design, and they are available in 5 distinct forms and 4 colors – matte white, white, black and matte black.

Frame Half-Monoblock
Pure, chic and authentic. FRAME


VitrA introduces a brand new elegance in with this half monoblock basin collection. With its round lines, modern look and easy-to-clean form, Frame Half Monoblock basin adds a clean and vivid ambiance to bathrooms. Frame Half Monoblock basin offers impressive elegance with black and white color options. The monoblock basin’s suspended form gives a stylish freshness and makes bathroom cleaning easier.

Inspiring combinations from VitrA. SENTO


Sento with a Nordic clarity offers all the modules needed in a bathroom with functional and warm details. The series includes different solutions for storing cleaning materials. Sento has a multipurpose unit to house a washing machine and laundry basket. Fine and rounded corners ensure safety and enable easy cleaning in small bathroom spaces. SENTO


Impressive pieces, functional solutions.
The washing machine unit also has a closed cabinet to neatly store anything you want. In this section, there is a laundry basket and shelf for storing cleaning materials. The elegant upper unit provides extra storage with its drawer and shelf details. The tall unit is suitable for storing different size of cleaning materials. Air vents inside of the cabinet prevent humidity by providing good ventilation. Sento’s modern lines and excellent color harmony are dazzling. Moreover, the series offers a large range of products with suitable solutions for smaller areas. The washbasin unit has a compact form that is suitable for smaller bathrooms and it provides extra storage. The series offers various colors and forms for different tastes and preferences. Both mirror cabinets and flat mirrors offer LED illumination feature. The tall unit, which is especially designed for functionality, has shelves for storage, a laundry basket and power plug, and a special area for storing personal care products. SENTO


Smart solutions for bathrooms.
Sento’s large range of products offer elegant combinations suitable both for smaller and larger bathrooms. Furniture with or without legs can create different atmospheres in bathrooms. Fully extendable and double-drawer washbasin units are an ideal choice for users who prefer spacious storage areas. With open and close storage spaces, mid units offer a neat bathroom experience and convenience for bathrooms. Combinations formed with matte cream color option create a natural ambiance in bathrooms. Sento offers washbasin units with door, single and double drawer options in different sizes and colors. LED lighting stands out as an efficient solution that increases bathroom safety and strengthens the ambiance in bathrooms; large and deep vanity basins prevent water splash and ensure comfortable use. In addition to their modern designs, Sento washbasins offer a functional washbasin experience with deep bowls, a large vanity area and back rim features. Washbasins in different sizes provide ideal solutions for both large and small bathrooms. Slim WC seats and Slim cistern lids are just two of the innovations offered by Sento WC pans. The Sento WC pan’s soft and pure lines create a precise and elegant harmony with whole series and especially with Sento washbasins.

VitrA for all, design for all! NEST


This special series combines design, ergonomics and functionality with VitrA distinction. The Nest – Design For All series considers different needs and styles and provides common solutions for everyone regardless of age, ability or condition. It also offers special products for hospitals, hotels and other public buildings considering special needs. 

The multifunctional grab bar ensures safer use, the wall-hung WC pan facilitates cleaning, and the faucet provides easy access and control by virtue of its design and position. The mirror with adjustable angle offers users a new and comfortable experience. Shelves serve as alternative storage spaces. The handle of this faucet is specially designed to make it easy for children, physically handicapped people and elderly people to turn the faucet on and off and control water flow

Universal and aesthetic norms suitable for any age or condition respond to a large audience and diverse needs.The mobile unit with two drawers is suitable for wet use, thanks to its water-resistant acrylic tray. Moreover it is easy to clean. The unit also has wheels that give it mobility and can also be locked to prevent skidding and ensure safe use. The water resistant acrylic top surface of the unit means that it can be used as a hygienic rest area after a shower. In addition to a large covered space for storage, the unit has lockable wheels for safe use.

ETERNITY – Designed by Sebastian Conran
Smart and elegant design suitable for every bathroom. ETERNITY


This accessories series created by Sebastian Conran boasts elegant, creative and innovative lines, beautiful details, and a wide variety of products with user-friendly features. Fine and minimalist lines ensure easy cleaning, while a broad range of design, color and material options provide greater freedom in designing user experiences. The innovative style of the Conran series addresses elegant homes as well as luxury buildings and hotels.
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