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Zero lights up Euroluce

The new collection designed by Front, Bernstrand, Backman, Fager

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Zero lights up Euroluce
21/03/2017 - At Zero are extremely proud of this year’s new designs, which are both evolutionary and innovative solutions. Thanks to the skill and creativity of the designers, the range has been renewed and enhanced through ingenious combinations of light and shade, of bollards and stools. Of subtle ceiling fixtures, sound-absorbent lights with legs and additional members of an amiable, stylish family. All with personal characteristics, long lifespan and high quality, which fit in well with Zero’s already attractive range.

MIST, design by Front Zero, MIST

Zero, MIST

With Mist, Front continues its design experimentation with light and shade, hand-blown glass and LED technology. The result is a pendant, ceiling- and wall-fixture with double globes that diffuse the light evenly and pleasantly. The semitransparency of the outer glass globe provides depth and creates an illusion of light glowing through a mist.

FUNGHI, design by Thomas Bernstrand Zero, Funghi

Zero, Funghi

A bollard and a stool in one, Funghi offers a moment’s rest for tired feet or a sit-down chat. At the same time, it gently lights up its nearest surroundings with a well-shaded downward light mounted on the underside of the wooden seat. A bollard that works excellently, both as a
solitary piece or in groups. 

BLOCK, design by Johanna Jacobson Backman Zero, Block

Zero, Block

The sound-absorbing Block family of fixtures has a new member – with legs. It is easy to position on the floor and just as effective as its siblings in softening up the lines of the office landscape and contributing to a better light- and sound-environment. Free-standing beside a desk or as a screen in a larger space.

CONVEX, design by Jens Fager Zero, Convex

Zero, Convex

There are now more Convex models. The characteristically amiable, gently curved top is available as a wall fixture for both indoor and outdoor use, pendant, pole fixture, bollard and now as an even larger pendant and spotlight. All just as useful, energy efficient and providing perfect illumination.

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