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Настенный светильник / потолочный светильник

€ 360,00
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€ 360,00
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Настенный светильник / потолочный светильник

Design Year

Incontro is a wall and ceiling lamp that provides indirect and reflected light for interiors. The lamp features two lacquered metal tabs that splay outwards in parallel and come to meet at their slim extremities. The LED light source directed towards the reflecting surface is never visible and enables the lamp to be installed at any height and pointing in any direction. Incontro comes in white, matt gold and matt silver and in versions with an on/off and dimmer switch. Incontro is well suited to creating ambient lighting, perfect in its on/off function and recommended paired with a dimmer when necessary, such as when it is installed next to the bed and with the reflector pointing downwards. The lamp’s square footprint and asymmetric development enable it to be installed on the ceiling in several different and interesting ways. Its alternating or single-direction orientation creates movement and accentuates areas of the ceiling and/or the wall. The lamp can also be set in double configurations, pointing the light both inwards or outwards.

Подробная информация от производителя о INCONTRO
Дополнительная информация
- White 410
- Matt gold 411
- Matt silver 412
Materials: Aluminium, steel
Emission: Indirect lighting
Light source: LED 15W 1.700 lm 2.800K CRI = 90
Ballast: Electronic integrated dimmable
Dimming: Phase-cut
Incontro ON/OFF
- White 413
- Matt gold 414
- Matt silver 415
Materials: Aluminium, steel
Emission: Indirect lighting
Light source: LED 13W 1.800 lm 2.800K CRI ≥ 80
Ballast: Electronic integrated
Dimming: Not dimmable
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